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The Weighted Silicone Plug invites you to a world of enhanced sensory pleasure, skillfully crafted to enrich your intimate moments. This plug incorporates a 0.57 oz. / 16.3 g ball, meticulously balanced to deliver a deeply satisfying sensation with each movement. This subtle yet significant weight amplifies pleasure, making every experience more profound. The bulbous shape of the plug is not only visually appealing but also ergonomically designed, ensuring both comfort and pleasurable stimulation. Constructed from premium, body-safe Silicone, this plug excels in hygiene and durability. Its silky-smooth surface allows for effortless ion, providing a luxurious feel that is both seamless and indulgent. The inclusion of an easy pull handle makes navigation simple, granting you complete control during use. This plug ideal for anyone, regardless of experience level, looking to deepen their understanding of their body and enhance their intimate encounters. With its bulbous design and unique weighted feature, the Weighted Silicone Plug can help enhance any sensory experience unlike any other.
– UPC : 716770109484
– Material : Silicone

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