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App-controlled Mini Sex Machine

The Lovense Mini Sex Machine is a powerhouse with a compact size and versatile adjustments for every user’s needs. Upgraded with self-lubricating design helps reduce defective issues and improve user experience (additional grease may be required after 1-2 years of use).

Easier assembly and adjustment for users with 260 strokes per minute for pleasures (at minimum stroke length). Adjustable stroking length of 3 to 7.5cm for different penetrative needs. The Mini Sex Machine comes with Vac-U-Lock adapters that are cross-compatible for different kinds of dildos.

Mini Sex Machine Features

  • Powerful and quiet: 260 strokes per minute with a maximum noise level of 60dB.
  • Lightweight: 70% lighter than the Lovense Sex Machine, efficiently reducing shipping costs.
  • Easier assembly & adjustment: Three times as many users say the Mini Sex Machine is very easy to assemble.
  • Compatible: Available with any Vac-U-Lock compatible attachment.
  • Versatile: Offers a variety of heights and angles for each position needed, with an adjustable stroke length of 3-7.5cm.
  • Two-way interactivity of the Mini Sex Machine allows it to interact with Calor, Max 2, and Solace. The machine will respond to your movements and send feedback to your partner.

Control Features

  • Emergency Stop: When the machine is thrusting, pressing the red button down will power off the machine and make it stop immediately.
  • Gradual Speed Increase: When suddenly increasing machine speed, the machine will gradually increase to the target speed.
  • Resistance Threshold Stop: If the thrusting rod encounters excessive resistance when thrusting, the machine will stop thrusting to prevent user injury.


  • Dimensions: 21 x 9.9 x 11.5 in. (534 x 252 x 292mm)
  • Package size: 14.9 x 8.6 x 7.2 in. (378 x 218 x 184mm)
  • Materials: PC / ABS / GF10% / acrylic
  • Gross weight: 7.1 lbs. (3.2KG)
  • Adjustable angle: 33
  • Thrusting stroke length: 1.2-3 in. (3-7.5cm)
  • Dildo height: 3.15-10.63 in. (8-27cm)
  • Power cable: 8.9 ft. (2.7m)
  • Control method: Control box knob + APP
  • Dildo attachment method: Universal Vac-U-Lock interface
  • Motor model: 523
  • Single operation life: 1200h
  • Max stroke speed: 260 times/min
  • Max noise level: 60dB
  • Packing list: Main Body x1, Legs x2, Rod x1, Hex Wrench (3mm x1; 5mm x1), Dildo x1, Control Box x1, Power Supply x1, Power Plug x1, Universal Power Adapter x1

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